Pathway to Pommelier Bundle: Sensory Evaluation

Price: $20.00


Trying to up your sensory evaluation skills for the Certified Pommelier™ exam? These sensory evaluation webinars are bound to help you up your sensory skills!

This bundle includes access to two webinars delving into the intricacies of sensory evaluation. Each webinar features 2 ciders from one cider producer and focus on building your palate like a pro!*

  • The first webinar features Peak Bloom and Deep Cut from Eden Cider.

  • The second webinar features Ashmead's Kernel and Yarlington Mill from Stormalong Cider.

*Note: Ciders must be bought separately from the webinar. Eden Ciders can be bought by the case from their website or by the can from Press then Press. Stormalong Ciders are included in the Heirloom Variety 4-pack and can be bought on their website.

*Please note that the ciders featured in these webinars were canned in 2021. The specific ciders and/or year of canning might no longer be available. Same branded ciders from different canning years might have distinguishable differences in key sensory elements.

Upon purchase of the bundle, you will receive an email with links to both webinars and to download a practice sensory evaluation worksheet that you can print to use during the webinars to make your own notes.

If you have questions about these webinars, the Certified Pommelier™ program, or cider education please email our Cider Education Mananger Jennie Dorsey at

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